Excel 2010 Basic

In this elearning course, you will learn all the basic functions of Excel 2010 systematically by creating tables, entering data and designing it appropriately. For your calculations, you will work with formulas and use relative and absolute cell references. In addition, you will use some of the functions provided by Excel for your calculations. You will create and edit charts. Finally, you will gain some practical tips for printing Excel tables.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Using the program

  • Starting and ending Excel
  • Creating new workbooks
  • Saving workbooks
  • Saving a workbook as a different file type
  • Switching between open workbooks
  • Excel options
  • Receiving help on the program
  • Views
  • The Excel application window


  • Entering data
  • Changing and deleting cell content
  • Good practice: Creating lists
  • Marking cells
  • Undoing work
  • Searching for and replacing specific cell content
  • Sorting tables
  • Filtering tables
  • Copying and moving using drag & drop
  • Using the Autofill function
  • Copying and moving using clipboard

Managing worksheets

  • Marking rows and columns
  • Inserting or deleting cells
  • Changing column width or row height
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Sheets: Order and navigation
  • Inserting and deleting sheets
  • Good practice: Naming worksheets
  • Working with workbooks

Formulas and functions

  • Good practice: Creating formulas
  • Composing and entering formulas
  • Relative references
  • Absolute references
  • Composition and entry of functions
  • Composition of the IF function
  • Setting the IF function
  • Finding errors in formulas


  • Formating numbers
  • Formating text
  • Setting background color
  • Copying format
  • Automatic and manual line break
  • Connecting cells together
  • Aligning cell content
  • Assigning borders and lines

Outlook Charts

  • Creating diagrams
  • Selection of different diagram types
  • Switching diagram type
  • Editing diagrams
  • Editing diagram titles
  • Editing diagram elements
  • Editing more diagram elements
  • Sparklines
What does this course include?

Alongside the instructional content, practice exercises and tests are included.
Number of lessons: 59
Learning Hours: 7,5