Lync 2013

In this elearning course, we will teach you how to work with Microsoft Lync 2013. You will learn how to add addresses to the Contact List and manage them in groups. You will use the various views and filter options in the Contact List. You will also learn how to hold conversations with one or more people using instant messaging or via audio and video conferences. You will learn the best ways to use the various sharing options, such as polls, whiteboard, desktop sharing, application sharing and document sharing. In addition, you will become familiar with the recording function in Microsoft Lync and will be shown how MS Lync works together with other Office applications and how to plan online meetings from Outlook.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Introduction and Contact List

  • What is Lync?
  • The Contact List
  • Settings in the Contact List
  • Working with contacts

Conversations and conferences

  • Instant messaging
  • Group Conversations
  • Audio and video conferences
  • Sharing of applications and documents
  • Advanced meeting options
  • Lync mobile app and web app

Lync in conjunction with other applications

  • Working together with other Office applications
  • Planning a Lync conference in Outlook
What does this course include?

Number of lessons:12
Learning Hours: 1.5
Audio Time: 45 Minutes