Microsoft Planner - Office 365 Learning Essentials

What does this course offer you?

"Microsoft Planner" is a collaborative project management solution that is completely integrated into the Office 365. Using Planner, you can set tasks for yourself and your team, organize to-dos in buckets and add files for fast access. A status overview of all tasks can viewed at any time and from any device.

In this “Office 365 Learning Essentials“ course for the Microsoft "Planner" web app, you will receive an initial overview of the application and learn its benefits, features and application possibilities as well as its relevance in the Microsoft Office 365 product portfolio.

Management Summary

  • What is Microsoft Planner?
  • What’s in it for me?

Key Features

  • Setup Plans
  • Create and allocate tasks
  • Maintain an overview

Practical Usage

  • Interaction with other Office applications
  • Areas of application
  • Which end-user devices does “Microsoft Planner” support?

Insider Knowledge

  • „Microsoft Planner“ in Office 365
  • The growing importance of teamwork

Quick Start

  • Call „Microsoft Planner“
  • Create new task
  • Complete task
  • Exit and delete plans
What does this course include?

Number of Lessons: 5
Learning Time: 30 Minutes