OneNote 2010

In this elearning course, you will learn what the applications available in OneNote are used for and become familiar with the structure of the new electronic notebook. You will learn how elements are created, inserted or changed in the notebook and how data can be exchanged between OneNote and other applications. The search and categories in OneNote allow you to find what you're looking for quickly. In addition, you will learn about the release option and see how easy it is to use notebooks together in a team.

The primary subject matter of the course:

OneNote Introduction

  • What is OneNote?
  • The structure of a notebook
  • Customizing the OneNote window

Basic Knowledge of OneNote

  • Creating a new notebook
  • Working with tags
  • Inserting items into the notebook
  • Data input and data output in OneNote
  • Sending files to OneNote
  • Expanding the notebook
  • Side Notes

Restructuring the Notebook

  • Restructuring pages in the notebook
  • Restructuring sections in the notebook

Advanced Knowledge of OneNote

  • The notebook in conjunction with Outlook
  • Searching in OneNote
  • Views for notebooks
  • Management and sharing
  • Collaboration in notebooks
What does this course include?

Alongside the instructional content, practice exercises and tests are included.
Number of lessons: 17
Learning Hours: 2