Outlook - Office 365

What does this course offer you?

This course provides deep knowledge about the correct use of Microsoft Outlook for Office 365. Beyond the fundamental handling of Outlook, you will also learn how to use Outlook together with OneNote and Skype for Business, how to share your mail folder with your colleagues and how to use Outlook when on the go.

The primary subject matter of this course:


Email basics

  • Writing emails
  • Printing emails
  • Attachments
  • Inserting items
  • Chapter test

Email views

  • Views
  • Using the conversation view
  • Chapter test

Organizing emails

  • Structuring
  • Deleting and archiving
  • Rules
  • Using Quick Steps
  • Working with folders
  • Working with categories
  • Chapter test

Searching for emails

  • Simple search
  • Serach folders
  • Chapter test

Email options

  • Automatic replies while absent (out of office)
  • Settings
  • Chapter test

Calendar and scheduling

  • Views and general information
  • Basic scheduling
  • Booking appointments effectively
  • Moving appointments and meetings
  • Advanced calendar functions
  • Chapter test


  • Working with tasks
  • Collaboration
  • Chapter test


  • Creating and managing contacts
  • Contact groups
  • Chapter test

Interaction between the programs

  • Outlook and OneNote
  • Using Skype from Outlook
  • Planning and starting a Skype meeting
  • Chapter test

Outlook special knowledge

  • Managing email permissions
  • Managing calendar permissions
  • Clutter
  • Chapter test

Using Outlook while travelling

  • Using Outlook Web Access
  • Setting up Outlook on a smartphone
  • Chapter test

Final Test

  • 30 Questions
Office 365 E-Learning Course Features:
  • for beginners and experienced users
  • structured video tutorials
  • audio narration with closed-captioning
  • practice interactive exercises
  • tips and printable PDF's
  • pretest with personalized learning path
  • chapter tests
  • comprehensive final test with certificate
  • SCORM package delivery for LMS hosting
  • accessible online
  • Tin Can/xAPI compatible
  • available in different languages
Outlook - Office 365 Course Includes:

Sections: 33
Number of Nuggets: 157
Learning Time: 540 Minutes