Powerpoint 2010

In this elearning course, you will learn both the basics and advanced functions of PowerPoint 2010. You will create presentations, use various types of slide and gain experience of working with the individual presentation elements. In doing so, you will create charts and organizational charts. In addition, you will work with various templates and designs. You will design professional-looking presentations with integrated graphics and images and individually-designed texts. The course ends with dealing with collateral and various print functions.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Using the program

  • Opening and closing PowerPoint
  • Opening and closing presentations
  • Creating presentations
  • Saving a presentation
  • Switching between open presentations
  • PowerPoint options
  • Using PowerPoint Help
  • Scaling the view
  • The PowerPoint application window

Developing a presentation

  • Views in comparison
  • Good practice: Slide titles
  • Assigning slide layouts
  • Copying and moving elements
  • Designing master slides
  • Setting up headers and footers


  • Good practice: Creating slides
  • Entering and editing text
  • Copying and moving text
  • Formatting text
  • Aligning text
  • Structuring text


  • Creating and editing table
  • Creating charts
  • Editing charts
  • Creating and editing organisational charts

Graphical objects

  • Inserting an illustration
  • Working with illustration
  • Creating drawing objects
  • Editing drawing object

Preparing a hard copy

  • Working with effects
  • Creating collateral material
  • Customizing a presentation
  • Making corrections
  • Printing a presentation
  • Controlling a slide show
What does this course include?

Alongside the instructional content, practice exercises and tests are included.
Number of lessons: 41
Learning Hours: 6