Project Management - Use Cases

What does this course offer you?

This E-Learning course is based on use-case scenarios dedicated to the topic of "Project Management" using Microsoft applications.

The pratical scenarios and valuable background information provided throughout the course help create an understanding of the use cases. Short video tutorials are given to illustrate how to use certain Microsoft applications for given use cases. Learners are provided with demonstrations and are asked to perform interactions for an engaging learning experience.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Using tasks One Notes

  • Using tasks in OneNote
  • Managing task in outlook
  • Checking the status of delegated tasks
  • Working with completed tasks in OneNote

Project communication with SharePoint

  • Setting up a teamsite
  • Jointly using files
  • Using discussion boards
  • Using polls

Using notes in teams

  • Using notes in teams
  • Preparing a notebook for the team
  • Opening a notebook and finding information
  • Creating notes in OneNote

Scheduling and organization in Outlook

  • Creating and sharing appointments
  • Sharing a folder with team members
  • Managing meeting responses
  • Updating and canceling meetings

Planning and holding a Skype meeting

  • Starting an online meeting from the calendar
  • Moving a meeting to a virtual room
  • Presenting with Skype for Business

Sharing and managing content in Skype for Business

  • Sharing the desktop in Skype for Business
  • Sharing the whiteboard for a brainstorming session
  • Creating, sharing and evaluating a poll
What does this course include?

In addition to the instructional content, practice exercises and test questions are also included.
Sections: 22
Number of Nuggets: 92
Learning Time: 290 Minutes