Word 2010 Advanced

In this elearning course, you will learn advanced techniques for working with Word 2010. You will work with designs, AutoText and lists. You will compose larger documents with headers and footers, page numbers, foot and endnotes and directories. In addition, you will develop graphics and integrate objects into your documents. Style sheets and document templates will help you to guarantee a uniform layout for your Word documents and to create templates for your standard letters. Watermarks, the recovery function and building blocks will also be introduced in this computer-based training.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Advanced editing

  • Using text effects
  • Text layout with theme
  • AutoCorrect
  • Automatic text formatting
  • AutoText
  • Text wrap
  • Enhanced text formatting
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Using styles
  • Editing styles
  • Creating structure
  • Viewing and modifying a structure
  • Creating lists with multiple levels
  • Using document template
  • Comments and correction mode


  • Creating contents tables
  • Formatting a table of content
  • Using sections
  • Working with column

Document organisation

  • Bookmarks and cross-references
  • Creating an index
  • Field feature
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Password protection

Elements in a document

  • Enhanced table editing
  • Working with text boxes
  • Embedded Excel tables
  • Using table style
  • Creating drawings
  • Working with drawings
  • Using WordArt
  • Adding watermarks

Special tools

  • Recovery function
  • Synonyms and translations

Print options

  • Print options
  • Printing envelopes
  • Printing labels

Using building blocks

  • Creating and inserting quick building blocks
  • Editing quick parts
What does this course include?

Alongside the instructional content, practice exercises and tests are included.
Number of lessons: 43
Learning Hours: 5