Excel 2016 / 2019 Basic

In this training course, you will learn Excel 2019 / Excel 2016 from the ground up. You will first become familiar with the structure of Excel, in other words workbooks (i.e. files), worksheets, tables, columns, rows and cells. You will see how to fill these elements with data and how to edit and format them. Next, you will learn about formulas and functions that you can use to perform calculations in individual cells and about charts with which you can visualize your content. Finally, you will learn how Excel supports you in performing quality checks and when printing your tables.

The primary subject matter of this course:



  • Creating and managing new workbooks
  • Creating and editing worksheets
  • Edit cells
  • Editing columns and rows
  • Chapter test


  • Creating tables
  • Working with tables
  • Sorting tables
  • Filtering tables 1
  • Filtering tables 2
  • Chapter test


  • Styles and templates
  • Formatting numbers
  • Formatting cells
  • Conditional formatting
  • Formatting pages
  • Chapter test

Formulas and functions

  • Formula basics 1
  • Formula basics 2
  • Simple formulas
  • Simple functions
  • Chapter test


  • Create a chart
  • Editing a chart
  • Editing chart elements
  • Sparklines
  • Chapter test

Finishing touches

  • Reviewing and corrections
  • Preparing for printing
  • Printing
  • Chapter test

Final Test

  • 30 Questions
Excel Basic E-Learning Course Features:
  • for Excel 2019 and Excel 2016
  • for beginners and experienced users
  • structured video tutorials
  • audio narration with closed-captioning
  • practice interactive exercises
  • tips and printable PDF's
  • pretest with personalized learning path
  • chapter tests
  • comprehensive final test with certificate
  • SCORM package delivery for LMS hosting
  • accessible online
  • Tin Can/xAPI compatible
  • available in different languages
This Excel Course Includes:

Sections: 25
Number of Nuggets: 129
Learning Time: 425 Minutes