Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the client system requirements required to view the courses?

    To ensure that our courses play correctly, please check that your system settings comply with our Technical Specifications.
  • Can I test the full course content prior to purchase?

    Yes. We can provide you with limited online access to test the courses you are interested in purchasing. Please tell us about your project in our Contact form and include the names of the courses you wish to test.
  • How can I purchase the courses?

    If you are interested in purchasing our courses, please send us a Course Quotation Request to let us know which courses you are interested in, the license type (purchase, annual subscription), the number of users and the languages required. We will then promptly provide you with the appropriate pricing information.

    Companies and Organizations may order courses via purchase order and make payment via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • What is the difference between an Enterprise License and Named-User License?

    An Enterprise License grants a customer the right to provide unlimited company-wide access to licensed courses for a specific audience size.

    A Named-User License grants customers the right to provide limited access to licensed courses for a specific audience size. Named-User licenses are not transferable from one learner to another.
  • How will the courses be delivered to us?

    If the courses are purchased to be run on your own internal systems, we will provide you an ftp link to download the courses.
    To access the courses via our Learning Cloud, we will provide you with the appropriate login credentials.
  • Will the courses run on our Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Our courses can be delivered to you as a SCORM 1.2 package for operation on a Learning Management System.
    We can provide each course as a single-SCO package which will report course completion statistics and an aggregate score.
    Alternatively we can provide each course as a multi-SCO in order to track completion and scoring of individual learning objects within a course (e.g. lessons and final test).
  • Can I test a course packaged in SCORM format on my LMS?

    Yes. We can provide you with access to SCORM packages for testing purposes. Please send us a request via our Contact form.
  • Our company/organization does not have an LMS. Can we still use your courses?

    Yes. Our courses can be loaded on a Webserver or Network Server and run online over your Intranet or Local Network.
    The courses can even be run offline on a secondary storage device (e.g. USB-stick).
    Learning progress is stored locally on the learner’s PC vs. centrally as on a LMS.
    Alternatively, you may want to consider using our Learning Cloud if you would like E-Learning Office to manage the courses and track course participation/completion for you.
  • Can learners set bookmarks so that they can begin where they left off in the previous session?

    Our courses provide learners with their individual Learning Progress on the Course Overview Page. Here the learner can assign Favorites to bookmark a course, course chapters, lessons and tests.
    Every lesson within a course has an average runtime of 5-10 minutes. Lesson provide a Site Map which enables the learner to jump to a particular topic (section) within a lesson with a mouse click.
  • What if I need technical support?

    If you should require technical support, we would be happy to help you.
    You can reach us via email, telephone or via the contact form on our website.