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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can provide you with limited online access to test the courses you are interested in purchasing. Please tell us about your project in our Contact form and include the names of the courses you wish to test.

If you are interested in purchasing our courses, please send us a Course Quotation Request to let us know which course package or courses you are interested in, the license type (purchase, annual subscription), the number of users and the languages required. We will then promptly provide you with the appropriate pricing information.        
Companies and Organizations may order courses via purchase order and make payment via bank transfer or PayPal. We do not accept credit cards or checks for payment.

E-Learning Courses        
Our E-Learning Courses are structured collection of content as topics and lessons with testing and learning aids.        
Courses are usually delivered via a learning management system to enable progress tracking.        

Learning Nuggets        
Our Learning Nuggets are small microlearning-based units for Microsoft 365 and Office applications. They are accessed without a learning management system and provide quick and focused just-in-time learning and support to users in the business workflow at the exact moment of need.

Subscription License        
With our subscription license, you receive our content updates to the content package, including new courses we release into the package. You may also upgrade to our newer versions of the applications in the content package during your subscription.        

Purchase License The Purchase license does not include content updates or the right to newer versions of the content.

An Enterprise License gives your organization the right to provide unlimited access to our content for all employees.        

To give a specific number of employees access to the content A Named-User License gives your organization the right to provide limited access to our content for a specific number of employees. Assigned Named-User licenses are not transferable from one learner to another.

We can provide you with access to a course packaged in in SCORM, xAPI or Web/HTML5 format for testing purposes. Please send us a request via our Contact form.

If you don't have an LMS, no problem. You organization may use our online Course Platform service to access the courses. You will be able to run progress reports and view course completions and scores. Our Course Platform service can be customized to your organization's corporate identity and offers a number of user management and authentication methods.

Alternatively, our courses are developed in HTML5 technology and can be run online from a web server on your intranet without usage and completion tracking.

If our courses or learning nuggets are licensed to run on your own internal systems, we will provide you a link to download the licensed content.

To access the courses via our online Course Platform service, we will provide you with the appropriate URL and login credentials.

E-Learning Office takes the protection of personal data very seriously and handles your organization's personal information confidentially in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal data is encrypted when communicated over the internet and when stored.

Should require technical support, we would be happy to help you. Please provide us with a description of youir technical support request via our Contact form.