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Course Features

Course Features

Our E-Learning Course Features

Our E-Learning courses for Microsoft 365 and Office are designed to meet the core end-user training needs at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and for upgraders.

Courses integrate short learning videos together with exercises and tests. Tips and printable PDFs are also available for virtually every step.

The courses can run on your Learning Management System (LMS) via SCORM or xAPI. If you do not have an LMS, you can use our courses on an intranet server or accessed them online through our online Course Platform service.

Our E-Learning courses for Microsoft Office are designed to meet the core end-user training needs at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and for upgraders.


Whether the need is to learn and expand knowledge on new applications and functions or to solve a problem. Our learning & performance solution fulfils both of these requirements - with Application and Use Case E-Learning for formal learning as well as with Learning Nuggets for performance support.

Learners have the flexibility to learn at their own pace either in sequence or by searching on specific topics.

Our E-Learning courses for Microsoft Office are constructed as a collection of topics (chapters). Each topic provides a number of short application tasks (lessons).

Microsoft Office 365 Elearning Modes

The instructional design of our Office E-Learning courses provides the following features:

  1. Training Video
    • Explanation of an application task in each lesson
    • Closed-captioning
    • Complete playback control and navigation
  2. More detail with Tips and PDFs
    • Printable PDFs for training videos
    • Tips with additional information or alternative functions
  3. Exercises & Tests
    • Exercises are included for user engagement
    • A chapter test is provided at the end of each learning topic
    • A comprensive final test with a certificate is provided at the end of a course

Our MS Office E-Learning programs (courses) are aimed at comprehensive learning of an Office application. After launching a course, an intuitive start page is displayed.


The General View of a course shows a complete overview of the course chapters and includes a final test, and practical learning aids.

Clicking on a chapter shows a list of related “lessons” and a chapter test. The questions of in the Chapter Test reflect the content of the chapter. The Learner can use the Chapter Test results to create a “Learning Recommendations” view for quick access to relevant learning topics.

Our Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office application E-Learning content is available in 9 different languages to support international roll-outs and migrations. Available languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Learners can use the in-browser translation function in Microsoft Edge to translate our English learning content in real-time in more than 60 languages.

Microsoft Office 365 Courses in Multiple Langauges

Microsoft is continuously supplementing and expanding its Windows operating system and Microsoft 365 applications. With respect to Evergreen IT, for continually keeping software up to date, we also offer "Evergreen E-Learning". Our learning content for Microsoft 365 is regurlarly updated.

With a subscription license to one our course packages for Microsoft 365, you receive our regular content updates. Updates include new content and technical functionality, including new courses released into the course package.

Microsoft Office 365 E-Learning Course Updates

Our Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office E-Learning content is developed using responsive design and compatible with all popular devices and browsers.

Your learners can view our E-Learning content on desktop computers as well as on notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft Office 365 E-Learning Responsive Design

We provide you multiple options for deploying our courses for MS 365 and Microsoft Office to your learners.

  • On Your Learning Management System (LMS)
    We can provide you with our courses packaged in SCORM or xAPI format to host on your own LMS.
Microsoft Office 365 E-Learning Package Options - SCORM and xAPI
  • On Your Intranet Without A Learning Management System
    You can host our courses on a webserver to offer our courses to your learners through your intranet, for example though SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or a custom learning page.
html5 course
  • Access Through Our Online Course Platform Service
    If you do not have your own learning platform and require the tracking of course usage and learner progress we can provide you with online access to our courses.
Online E-Learning Course Platform - Microsoft Office 365

If you wish, we can customize our standard learning content to your individual needs. You could have our content display your corporate brand and design. You could also have us provide specific content in courses according to your individual needs.

We are happy to address your content, visual, functional or technical requirements and create your special Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office learning package.

Customised Start Page Microsoft Office 365 E-Learning Course