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Excel 365: Sorting, Evaluating and Visualising Data E-Learning Course

In this course, learners will be shown a range of options for presenting data and results clearly in Excel. For example, cells can be formatted, highlighted, or sorted according to certain criteria. An initial visual evaluation can be created with the help of filters and analysis tools. To present data graphically, Excel provides a large selection of chart templates which can be customised.

Course Features
Content Version
Application Group
Beginner / Intermediate
Learning Time
2 hours and 15 minutes
Number of Learning Videos
Languages Available
Course Design
  • Videos with Audio Narration and Closed-Captions
  • Practice Interactive Exercises
  • Tips and Printable PDF's
  • Chapter Tests
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Final Test with Certificate
  • Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • SCORM and xAPI Support for LMS Deployement
Course Topics

Customising the view

  • Showing and hiding rows and columns
  • Freezing the top row
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Hiding gridlines

Formatting rows and columns

  • Setting an exact column width or row height
  • Aligning cell content
  • Assigning Styles
  • Creating Styles

Highlighting data using conditional formatting

  • Highlighting data with conditional formatting
  • Managing conditional formatting rules
  • Creating a new rule for conditional formatting
  • Applying multiple conditional formatting
  • Showing duplicate values
  • Removing duplicates

Sorting data

  • Sorting data
  • Sorting data by cell colour
  • Adding additional sorting levels

Filtering data

  • Filtering data
  • Applying Number Filters
  • Applying a Search Filter
  • Filtering by colour
  • Hiding duplicates using a filter
  • Filtering according to multiple criteria with advanced filters
  • Inserting slicers for filtering
  • Filtering tables using slicers

Rapidly visualising data

  • Using the Quick Analysis
  • Create a forecast sheet from historical data
  • Graphically display data for comparison
  • Visualizing data with a 3D map
  • Visualizing data with People Graph

Visualising changes using sparklines

  • Adding Sparklines
  • Formatting sparklines
  • Applying the sparkline type win/loss
  • Sparklines: Showing the high point and low point
  • Sparklines: Showing the axes
  • Deleting a Sparkline

Inserting a chart

  • Inserting a chart
  • Opening all chart types
  • Changing the chart type

Customising, moving and deleting a chart

  • Changing the position and size of charts
  • Filtering values and names with the chart filters
  • Using chart styles
  • Creating a chart template
  • Moving a chart
  • Copying a chart
  • Deleting a chart

Editing chart labels

  • Adding and removing chart elements
  • Adding a chart title
  • Editing a chart title
  • Deleting the chart title
  • Adding a data label
  • Formatting chart elements
  • Formatting labels in a chart
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