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Word 365 Basics E-Learning Course

This Word Basics training course provides a comprehensive understanding of fundamental text processing features within Word.

Participants will be guided through essential concepts, starting with the setup of documents. Following that, the course covers text entry and editing techniques. Moreover, participants will gain proficiency in effectively working with tables, crafting form letters, and concluding the document finalization process.

Course Features
Content Version
Application Group
Beginner / Intermediate
Learning Time
2 hours and 45 minutes
Number of Learning Videos
Languages Available
Course Design
  • Videos with Audio Narration and Closed-Captions
  • Practice Interactive Exercises
  • Tips and Printable PDF's
  • Chapter Tests
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Final Test with Certificate
  • Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • SCORM and xAPI Support for LMS Deployement
Course Topics

Getting to know Word and setting it up

  • Finding your way around Word
  • Opening a command using the “Microsoft Search” tool
  • Customising options on the ribbon
  • Change view
  • Navigating through a document
  • Searching for text in documents
  • Searching and replacing
  • Changing the orientation

Creating a cover page and table of contents

  • Inserting a cover page
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Updating the table of contents
  • Adding text to the table of contents

Using headers and footers

  • Adding headers and footers
  • Editing header and footer
  • Unlinking Headers and Footers
  • Inserting a file name in the footer
  • Inserting page numbers

Formatting text

  • Changing the font and font size
  • Creating a line break
  • Underlining text
  • Creating superscript or subscript text
  • Inserting symbols and special characters
  • Formatting text in capital letters
  • Format Painter
  • Deleting formatting

Aligning text

  • Aligning text
  • Splitting text into columns
  • Setting line spacing
  • Indenting a paragraph

Creating paragraphs and page breaks

  • Creating and deleting a manual page break
  • Showing paragraph marks
  • Inserting a section break
  • Using continuous section breaks

Using and editing styles

  • Formatting text with styles
  • Renaming templates styles
  • Editing styles
  • Modifying a style by changing it in the text
  • Creating a custom style

Using numbering and bullet points

  • Formatting text as a bulleted list
  • Creating a numbered list and indenting
  • Specifying a new number format for a list
  • Changing bullets
  • Changing the list level
  • Automatic numbering

Sharing a document

  • Sharing a document from a desktop application
  • Unsharing a document

Using comments

  • Inserting comments
  • Replying to comments
  • Deleting comments

Using spell check

  • Checking spelling and grammar
  • Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Switching off AutoCorrect

Use correction functions

  • Choosing the language for proofing tools
  • Tracking changes
  • Accepting or rejecting changes
  • Compare documents
  • Showing simple markup

Distributing a document

  • Exporting a document
  • Saving a Word document in PDF format
  • Sending a copy of a document by email

Printing a document

  • Setting print settings and printing
  • Print selected pages
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