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Office Starter E-Learning Course

This course is aimed at beginners who are new to using Office 2016 or Office 2019 applications.

The Office suite offers an extensive set of applications with which you can complete many different tasks in your everyday work. Compose texts with Word; create tables and presentations with Excel and PowerPoint. There are also many possibilities for working together with others on documents.

In this training course, you will become familiar with the user interface of the Office applications and learn basic skills for working with them.

Course Features
Content Version
All Levels
Learning Time
3 hours
Number of Learning Videos
Languages Available
Course Design
  • Videos with Audio Narration and Closed-Captions
  • Practice Interactive Exercises
  • Tips and Printable PDF's
  • Chapter Tests
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Final Test with Certificate
  • Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • SCORM and xAPI Support for LMS Deployement
Course Topics

Opening programs

  • Opening an Office program
  • Opening an existing file
  • Creating a new file
  • Creating a new file from a document template
  • Using document recovery
  • Adding an account

Program structure

  • Interface logic
  • Showing and hiding the Ribbon
  • Adding a function to the toolbar
  • Removing a function from the toolbar

Customizing program options

  • Opening program options
  • Checking general options
  • Customizing the ribbon
  • AutoCorrect options
  • Showing the Office clipboard

Entering content (text/data)

  • Entering text in cells
  • Entering text in a Word document
  • Entering text in a PowerPoint text box
  • Inserting symbols and special characters
  • Searching for text elements
  • Replacing text elements

Inserting elements

  • Inserting a text box
  • Insert picture
  • Inserting an object
  • Inserting online video
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Insert illustrations
  • Inserting a link
  • Creating a comment

Formatting text (content)

  • Changing the font size and type
  • Aligning text
  • Automatic numbering
  • Copying text formatting
  • Assigning styles
  • Formatting a table
  • Changing the column width
  • Aligning text vertically in a text box

Editing images

  • Editing images
  • Scaling an image
  • Cropping a picture
  • Removing the image background

Saving and printing documents

  • Saving a document
  • Saving to a web storage location
  • Opening the print preview
  • Configuring print settings

Sharing documents

  • Sending a file as an email attachment
  • Sharing web content using a link in an email
  • Sharing a document
  • Sending a file as an email attachment

Editing the document from the web storage location

  • Editing a document together online
  • Collaborating on documents locally
  • Checking out a file
  • Checking a file in
  • Preventing changes to a document

Contacting the editor

  • Starting a Skype for Business chat from a comment
  • Start a Skype for Business call from a comment
  • Writing an email to an author via comment
  • Setting availability status
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