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Word Basic E-Learning Course

This course provides basic knowledge on using Microsoft Word for the beginner and intermediate levels. Learners will first learn how to setup a document. Then they will see how to enter and edit text. They will also learn all about working with tables, form letters and finalizing documents.

Course Features
Content Version
Application Group
Beginner / Intermediate
Learning Time
4 hours
Number of Learning Videos
Languages Available
Course Design
  • Videos with Audio Narration and Closed-Captions
  • Practice Interactive Exercises
  • Tips and Printable PDF's
  • Chapter Tests
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Final Test with Certificate
  • Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • SCORM and xAPI Support for LMS Deployement
Course Topics

Page layout

  • Change view
  • Changing the orientation
  • Mixing portrait and landscape formats
  • Defining custom margins

Header and footer

  • Create header
  • Editing headers and footers
  • Header and footer: First page different
  • Unlinking Headers and Footers
  • Inserting document names into the footer
  • Inserting page numbers


  • Inserting a page break
  • Inserting a section break
  • Using continuous section breaks
  • Inserting a hard line break
  • Creating a soft line break

Above is a sample of learning videos included in this topic.
A detailed list of all learning videos included in this course is available upon request.

Editing text

Copying formatting

Using and editing styles

Numbered and bulleted lists

Aligning text

Quickly formatting text

Corrections and printing

Creating tables

Editing tables

Formatting tables

Creating a form letter

Finalizing a form letter

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