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Microsoft Teams Quickstart

Microsoft Teams Quickstart

For organizations deploying Microsoft Teams and needing to provide employees with a quick transition to remote work, E-Learning Office provides a special offering in which workers can be trained on Microsoft Teams online and at short notice. Our Microsoft Teams "Quickstart" offering provides a blend of online e-learning modules and experienced trainers to deliver introduction webinars to your remote workforce.

Through this offering, workers will learn how to effectively use Microsoft Teams in the modern workplace.

Microsoft Teams Quickstart Components.

1. VIDEO INTRODUCTION FOR MICROSOFT TEAMS Our short video introduction for Microsoft Teams gives your employees a good sound overview, and puts the "What's in it for me" in the foreground to inspire and motivate.

2. E-LEARNING COURSES FOR MICROSOFT TEAMS AND THE VIRTUAL WORKPLACE Your employees receive 1-year online access to our Microsoft Collaboration E-learning Course Package for the virtual workplace, which includes courses for Microsoft Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outook, Planner, Delve and Yammer. This enables workers to become familiar with Microsoft Teams and to deepen their knowledge on other Office 365 applications for team collaboration, regardless of time and place. Access to the e-learning is provided via our online Course Platform without any setup or technical efforts for your organization.

3. INTERACTIVE WEBINAR MICROSOFT TEAMS This webinar offers an overview of the functions of Microsoft Teams and shows daily use cases for digital collaboration. Your employees will learn how to create and use Teams in a structured manner, discover the possibilities for digital communication and see how they work together. Duration: 90 minutes Webinar Content:

  • Creating and structuring teams
  • Ad-hoc communication with Microsoft teams
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Using the conversation pane area for collaboration
  • Collaborating on files

For more information about our Microsoft Teams Kickstart or a quotation please contact E-Learning Office.