Excel 2013 Advanced

In this elearning course, you will learn advanced techniques for working with Microsoft Excel 2013. You will import and export data and use style sheets. You will learn how to deal with filters and functions. In addition, you will deal with the topic of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, which allow flexible and intelligent evaluation of your data. You will find out how calculations can be visualised using professional-looking charts. In your calculations, you will draw on values from various spreadsheets. Finally, you will learn about the wide range of options for working with the date and time.

What are the course requirements?

Previous knowledge from the Excel 2010 - Basic course is required for this course.

The primary subject matter of this course:

Enhanced editing

  • Naming cell ranges
  • Formatting cells by formula results
  • Creating custom cell formats
  • Conditional formatting
  • Pasting content
  • Importing and exporting files
  • Hiding and unhiding table areas
  • Calculating subtotals
  • Data tables for calculations
  • Protecting workbooks

Handling data

  • Custom sorting
  • Advanced filter techniques
  • The search filter
  • Using cell references in other worksheets
  • Using cell references to other workbooks
  • Editing links
  • Creating and assigning styles
  • Creating templates
  • Creating workbooks with templates


  • Date and time functions
  • Creating interlaced functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Financial functions
  • VLOOKUP function
  • The HLOOKUP function
  • Logical functions
  • Using formula auditing

PivotTables and Pivot Charts

  • Inserting PivotTables
  • Allocating PivotFields
  • Defining PivotTable layout
  • Filtering PivotTables
  • Working with slicers
  • Updating PivotTables
  • Sorting PivotTables
  • Creating a drilldown
  • Creating PivotCharts

Using special design options

  • Inserting screenshots
  • Showing equations in text boxes
  • Adding comments to tables
  • Carrying out validation checks on data entry
  • Checking data’s validity
  • Allowing data entry from a list
  • Using hyperlinks

Working with the date and time

  • Basic information on time calculations in Excel
  • Carrying out simple operations with time information
  • Working with date and time functions
  • Practical applications
What does this course include?

In addition to the instructional content, practice exercises and test questions are also included.
Number of lessons: 54
Learning Hours: 6
Audio Time: 3 Hours