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Collaboration Course Package

Learn new tools for working together in the modern digital workplace.

This course package provides your team members with training on the tools they need for working together on projects and tasks in an integrated and flexible manner.
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E-Learning Content Bundle for Microsoft Office Collaboration Applications

Our Collaboration Course Package provides training on how to use Microsoft 365 collaboration tools to easily communicate in project teams and how to store, share and edit documents in teams.

The courses included in this content package cover application training on Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and much more.

The Outlook and OneNote course versions in this package are for Office 2016 and Office 2019. With your subscription to this course package, you may also use our Microsoft 365 course versions for Outlook and OneNote, should your business migrate to the newer application versions.

During your subscription to this course package, you will receive our content updates to the package, including new courses we release into the package.

Courses Included in this Content Package

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