Office 365 - Introduction Videos

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We currently provide six Introduction Videos for Office 365, demonstrating the benefits of Office 365 to end-users in 2-5 minutes. The introduction videos are ideal for communication and building motivation for Office 365 rollouts and migrations.

Office 365 Introduction

Office 365 makes the Digital Workplace possible. But what exactly is Office 365? Find out what a working day with Office 365 can look like.

  • Duration: 3:29 minutes

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams connects all collaborative apps for efficient collaboration, no matter where you are. Learn what a working day with Microsoft Teams can look like.

  • Duration: 2:30 minutes

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is the essential component for cloud-based work within Office 365. Find out what a working day with OneDrive for Business can look like in this video.

  • Duration: 2:46 minutes

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is the helpful component to plan tasks with the entire team in Office 365. Find out what a working day with Planner can look like.

  • Duration: 2:02 minutes


Today, networking is more important then ever! With Yammer, Microsoft offers a broad social network for organizations. In this video, we can find out how Yammer is used successfully in everyday work.

  • Duration 1:46 minutes

Office 365 Online

Microsoft Online is a handy tool for flexible access to all your documents. Find out what a working day with Office Online can look like in this video.

  • Duration 1:56 minutes
Content Overview

Number of Videos: 6
Learning Time: 2-5 Minutes each