Time and Self-Management - Use Cases

This E-Learning course is based on use-case scenarios for performing "Time and Self-Management" work activities using Microsoft applications.

The pratical scenarios and valuable background information provided throughout the course help create an understanding of the use cases. Short video tutorials are given to illustrate how to use certain Microsoft applications for given use cases. Learners are provided with demonstrations and are asked to perform interactions for an engaging learning experience.

The primary subject matter of this course:


  • Editing documents
  • Quick access on SharePoint
  • Structuring elements
  • Navigation and structure
  • Polls

Using tasks One Notes

  • Using tasks in OneNote
  • Managing task in Outlook
  • Checking the status of delegated tasks
  • Working with completed tasks in OneNote

Working efficiently in Outlook

  • Working with categories
  • Using rules efficiently
  • Using QuickSteps
  • Using templates in Outlook
  • Less work with Quick Parts

Efficiently using views and searching in Outlook

  • Searching and finding
  • Using search folders
  • Using the conversation view
  • Using the people pane

Introduction to mobile work

  • Mobile access to Outlook-Exchange
  • Mobile access to data
Office Use Case E-Learning Course Features:
  • for Office 2019 and Office 2016
  • for beginners and experienced users
  • structured video tutorials
  • audio narration with closed-captioning
  • practice interactive exercises
  • tips and printable PDF's
  • SCORM package delivery for LMS hosting
  • accessible online
  • Tin Can/xAPI compatible
  • available in different languages
This Use Case Course Includes:

Sections: 25
Number of Nuggets: 57
Learning Time: 215 Minutes